Scouting Overview

Team 358:  One of the most important competition aspects of FRC, scouting other teams, is too frequently overlooked; especially when teams are new or have few members and limited resources. Regardless, even a mediocre robot can win with great strategy built on great scouting.

Types of Scouting

Internet scouting (team database, websites, Chiefdelphi, Blue Alliance)

Pit scouting (roving packs of scouters)

Match scouting (sedentary group of scouters)

Remote events (scout robots you'll compete with at upcoming events)

    Team 2834 Scouting Database Presentation was developed to rank teams based on offensive and defensive performance. In addition to Offensive Power Rating (OPR), which is used by many FRC teams, a new measurement called Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin (CCWM) was developed that takes into account the contribution of defense. Although this should not replace pit scouting and match scouting, it can help teams who do not have a lot of resources.

 Team 180 S.P.A.M.'s Scouting Sheet

Team 198 X Cats' Scouting Sheet