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    From the webmaster: I am a parent of 5 children, 3 of which have participated in FIRST Robotics, 1 of which is a current member of Team Hammond 71. The Design for The Red Alliance was done by my son, a visual communications design major at Purdue, and also an alumni of Team Hammond 71. We have been participating in FIRST Robotics since 2004 and our interest stays strong. We want to be able to bring FIRST Robotics Regionals to people who cannot travel to the Regionals themselves. We do this by pooling feeds from various websites, teams, and students as well as by contributing our own feeds when we can. We also work to bring exposure to areas of FIRST that are on the web that we find interesting. We thank everyone for their tremendous effort and work in the FIRST Community. We encourage you to use this website to connect with other members of FIRST and chat while watching the live webcasts, talk shows, or other media we gather. You can see where people are viewing the website from by our globe in the top right hand corner of our site. On a final note, always remember to keep your chat and other interactions on this site graciously professional. Thank you for your support!

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